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I need to call my doctor to get some sleeping pills; I sleep fine at night but I sure could have used something to put me to sleep Monday evening, that’s for sure. And the sad thing is, I can’t just say it was all Cutler’s fault because it wasn’t. Jay had good (not excellent) OL protection and ended his evening going 12/17 times for 157 yards, no TDs and 1 INT. but then he got the “owwie” on his thumb and that brought in Brian Hoyer who in my opinion, isn’t much better than Johnny Manziel was when he was at Cleveland. Back to Cutler, early reports say he injured his hand a week ago at Houston and has ligament damage which could put him out for a “few weeks”, whatever that means. But Hoyer isn’t the answer; Brian has been with the Pats, Steelers, Cards, Browns, Texans and now he’s our second stringer. Hoyer ended the game going 9/12 for 78 yards, no TDs or INTs. The only bright thing I saw was Alshon Jeffery’s receptions, 5 for 96 and Eddie Royal who had 4 grabs for 52 yards. Rushing… what rushing game? Jeremy Langford carried the ball 11 times for a pitiful 28 yards, he did get 1 trip across the magic chalk but he and Cutler both had a F-U-M-B-L-E. John Fox has some serious problems early this season and I don’t know what they’re going to do at the QB spot, he and Pace need to rectify that immediately.

I heard something very interesting on FOX Sunday morning, one of the commentators made the prediction that this will be the last year for Jay Cutler. I’m not sure how he came up with that, he didn’t even so much as allude to having “heard something through the grapevine”, it was just his feeling regarding Cutler. I don’t think we’ll do any better than 8-8 this year with Jay at the helm; he doesn’t have “good stuff” and will not lead us to victory next January. I’ve got a suggestion to make to Virginia, et. al., if the Pats put Garoppolo out for bait, reel him in! (I doubt Belichick would do that, Tom Brady is getting “long in the tooth” and Bill knows it and if were up to me, Garoppolo would be the heir apparent.) If we do “move” Cutler on to bigger and better endeavors, we’ll be needing a QB and as of right now, we simply don’t have one. I think even a blind man would see that Hoyer is not “the one” either, the third string Connor Shaw was better than Hoyer but he’s out for the year. Stay tuned, film at 11…We head to the Lone Star State to square off against the new QB, Dak Prescott at the Cowboys and I’m not looking forward to that what I think will be another fiasco.

@ Wow, what a game Sunday night! I was very impressed with the Minnesota D, the entire squad should get a game ball for their performance. Aaron Rogers was sacked 5 times and that really messed up his passing game. Rogers was held to 20 completions on 36 attempts for 180 yards and the one TD pass to Jordy Nelson. But compare Aaron’s night to Stefon Diggs receiving; he had 9 catches for 182 yards and 1 TD pass! So let’s take a look at Sam Bradford; I remember when he was drafted by the then St. Louis Rams, I felt he was a solid QB candidate for them but over his four years with the Rams, he didn’t do as well as he should, being a Heisman winner. Then he went to Phillly for a year and now to the Vikes. Then Teddy Bridgewater gets hurt so he’s steering the ship and he did a great job Sunday night. He finished the game going 22/31 for a whopping 286 yards and 2 TDs, and the biggie, no INTs. The Minnesota D needs to give him a bit more protection, he was sacked 4 times but he held tough and prevailed. Rushing? Well Green Bay has a great back, Eddie Lacy but he was held to 50 yards on 12 touches, one of the reasons I felt the purple D should get a game ball. But the Packer D really stood tough on Adrian Peterson, he had 12 tries and netted only 19 yards but that is what I think set up Bradford’s passing game. So the bigger question is, what’s up with AP?

As of this writing, the only “verifiable report” I’ve heard is what AP’s wife said, he’s up and walking and the pain has gone down considerably. I’m sure the docs will do the MRI and CT Monday and have a better assessment. AP very will might miss next week’s game when Minnesota heads to Carolina to square off against the Panthers. Green Bay hosts another division foe, the Detroit Lions next Sunday and Detroit can give the Packers a good game too. But saying all this, I think Minnesota will win the NFC North this season; as good as Green Bay is, I feel Minnesota is better. Plus Teddy Bridgewater is working out and who knows, he might be back in January?

Nice win over the Hawks last Sunday! Saying that, if the Rams want to continue winning, they best start scoring TDs and not relying on Zuerlein’s foot to win the game. Case Keenum had a good day, he had 18 comp on 30 tries for 239 yards, no TDs or picks. He found Kenny Britt 6 times for 94 yards, Lance Kendricks 4 times for 61 yards and Tavon Austin 5 times for 50 yards, all good numbers. However, there wasn’t a rushing game to be proud of. Todd Gurley had 19 carries for just 51 yards. LA needs to work on its ground game, Gurley is a strong back and needs better blocking out of the OL. Jeff Fisher isn’t going to be around long if he doesn’t get a ground attack going, and soon. You guys head to Florida next weekend to meet up with the Buccaneers and Tampa has been playing a good game so get ready.

Jack, nice win over the Jags Sunday. Philip Rivers had a strong appearance with 17/24 for 220 yards but the big number was that he found Travis Benjaman (6 catches overall for 115 yards) for a pair of TD passes, Tyrell Williams (3 grabs for 61 yards) 1 time and his old buddy, Antonio Gates (3 for 15) for a TD reception also. But even better, add to that Melvin Gordon had 24 carries for a very nice 102 yards pus Danny Woodhead had 3 touches for 27 yards and that sealed the deal for the win. A nice game overall, that shows you guys are capable of doing well in the west. You head for the middle area next weekend to play the Colts and Luck hasn’t been doing well at all but never think he’s going to just lay down and let you run all over him, that just isn’t going to happen!

I just mentioned Andrew Luck and wondered what happened to him; but then I see where Trevor Siemian and the Broncos gave him a good “thumping” Sunday so that kind of tells the story. Trevor had a strong game passing 33 times for 22 comps that netted him 266 yards which was good but one distraction was he threw 1 pick that wasn’t good; he also didn’t throw any of those passes for 6 either. A bright spot was C.J. Anderson who rushed the ball 20 times for 74 yards and one trip across the magic chalk, that really sets up Denver’s passing game. I really think Siemian will turn out to be Denver’s long term QB; his current rating is 74.4 and while he’s not a rookie, it’s only his second season and he didn’t play much last year. Denver heads to Cincy next weekend and the Bengals, while they are good, can be beat. Bronco fans should be looking forward to that contest.

Brad, what can I say? You guys score 20 points in the first quarter then quit for the next 45 minutes? Oh wait a minute, my mistake. You’ve got a strong QB this year, shame on me. What? He did what? He fractured coracoid bone in his left shoulder? Hmmm, did anyone look at his history of his past? Griffin has lived up to his norm, he might return in 10-12 weeks but The team has the option to designate Griffin to return from IR but is only allowed to use the designation on one player and is allowed to wait until he is able to return to practice before making the decision. So that means Josh McCown is now your QB. Well I have to say I think McCown is a good, solid QB but there’s one problem, he qualifies for Social Security. He is in his 15th season but he’s also playing well. Last Sunday, he passed 33 times for 20 catches that netted him 260 yards, 2 TDs but also, 2 picks. Not bad for a guy using a walker! But you do have a bright spot, Isaiah Crowell who rushed 18 times for 133 yards and 1 trip across the magic chalk, a darn good day for him. And I guess as long as Josh has guys like Corey Coleman to throw to (5 for 104 and 2 TDs), things could look worse. But everyone knows you need a young QB candidate that can stay healthy and RGIII just isn’t it. From what I read, you can get out of him for $1.25M at the end of the season and don’t rush out and throw a bunch of money at a new guy that has injury problems. Y’all go to Miami next weekend and the fish are playing good ball so get ready.

Around the league…

So who is going to emerge as the best new(er) QB of the season? I’ve seen a few that I’m impressed with, Jimmy Garoppolo stepped in for Brady rather easily and is doing a great job. He’s shown he can handle a well-staffed, and coached, team. Trevor Siemien at Denver could well replace memories of Manning with new ones he’ll create. I think the kid will become a great QB in the next few years. (I am also hearing that there’s locker room talk coming out that he’s not a good leader… Gary Kubiak needs to squelch all that as the kid is showing he can be a leader and a few discontent players might need to be waived real quick; you don’t want the inmates running the asylum…) Jameis Winston in Tampa is another player to watch, he’s showing a progress that Tampa desperately needs. Dak Prescott can easily replace Tony Romo; Romo is a good player but not great. His biggest problem is staying healthy and needs to seriously consider other options for his life. I honestly don’t see him in the league much longer. I think Kirk Cousins is the heir apparent for the now displaced RGIII (Cleveland Browns) in Washington; he could lead them to bigger and better things this season. But the best one of all, I think, is Carson Wentz. Carson was the second pick overall in the draft this past April and was intended to be the third string QB for the Eagles. But then Philadelphia traded Sam Bradford away and suddenly, Carson got the nod to step up to the plate. I see a great career for this young man, he’s playing like he’s got 6 years of experience under his belt.

I talked to Dr. Bob, who lives in “Lost Wages”, Nevada and I asked him about the possibility of someone building a stadium there to entice the Oakland Raiders to relocate to Vegas. A few months ago, we both felt it was an attempt by the Raiders to get the City of Oakland to pony up with some major monies for their stadium or other funding for the team from the city coffers. But imagine this; it appears there are two areas where a stadium could be built. The first one is directly behind the MGM Grand and it would be attached to the MGM Grand Casino/Hotel. The second site is adjacent to the Mandalay Bay Casino/Hotel. But there is a problem with both the proposed sites… the Mandalay Bay site is 3,200 feet off the end of runway 25 at Las Vegas airport; the MGM Grand site is 835 feet off the end of runway 1, also at McCarren Airport. The FAA will never allow something like this to be built there, a 757 or an Airbus 340 “heavy”, if it went in, during a game with 60,000 spectators, could easily kill 10,000 people.

However, directly adjacent to Wynn and Encore Casino/Hotels, there’s golf course that plans call for to be changed over to a water park. This would be an ideal place for a stadium, still on “The Strip” and far enough away from the airport to appease the FAA. I honestly do believe it’ll never happen, I still think it’s the owners playing the “if you don’t, we’ll move” game.

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Mickey's picks for week three

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